Adventure Minis
Adventure Minis
Adventure Minis

Bug + Sun Bestsellers

Adventure Minis


The head-to-toe starter pack for doing life in the great outdoors right.

This set includes deluxe mini sizes of our bestselling and most beloved products—to keep you bug-bite-free and sun-protected on every adventure. 

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I can whole-heartedly swear on all the mosquitos in the world that Golden Hour works.

Yup, it’s the sunscreen all over your Instagram feed, and it is GOOD.

This sunscreen stayed on through a 13-mile run and didn't drip in my eyes once.

I’m officially a Kinfield convert.

All the (Mini) Goods

Kit Contains

  • Adventure Minis contains Golden Hour™ Mini

    Golden Hour™ Mini

    Mosquito Repellent Spray

    Our bestselling, clean bug repellent that keeps mosquitoes away and has a dreamy vanilla-citrus scent.

    - 0.8 fl oz Mini Size -

  • Adventure Minis contains Sunglow SPF 35 Mini

    Sunglow SPF 35 Mini

    Luminizing Face Sunscreen

    Named Best Face Sunscreen of 2022, this gel-lotion SPF adds a golden glow and broad-spectrum protection.

    - 0.25 oz Deluxe Mini -

  • Adventure Minis contains Cloud Cover SPF 35 Mini

    Cloud Cover SPF 35 Mini

    Body Sunscreen

    A reef-safe, 100% non-nano zinc body sunscreen that’s water resistant and blends like a dream.

    - 0.5 oz Deluxe Mini -

  • Adventure Minis contains Relief Balm

    Relief Balm

    Anti-Itch Remedy

    A soothing salve that instantly relieves itchy bug bites, skin irritations, and more.

    - 0.6 oz Full Size -

  • Adventure Minis contains Liplock SPF 15 Balm

    Liplock SPF 15 Balm

    Mineral Lip Sunscreen

    A nourishing blend of fruit oils and seed butters, and a fresh-picked flavor (from actual organic strawberries).
    - 0.14 oz Full Size -