Sustainability begins by only buying what you need. From there, do your best to re-use or recycle everything that you purchase.

We're reducing waste at every level of our supply chain. Use the guide below to see how to care for every Kinfield item, from the smallest cap to the biggest box. Small steps can add up to great things—especially when we're working together.

This Is How We Do It

How We Do Our Part

  • Reduce Overall <br>

    Reduce Overall

    We skip the fluff—eliminating filler material for our orders and skipping product boxes wherever possible.
  • Utilize recycled & recyclable 
materials whenever possible

    Utilize recycled & recyclable 
materials whenever possible

    We prioritize recycled materials (like Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic) and recyclable packaging to ensure items can be used again and again.
  • Use plastic alternatives 
whenever possible

    Use plastic alternatives 
whenever possible

    We consider all possible materials, looking for those with the highest functionality and the lowest environmental impact.
  • All products <br>ship waste-free

    All products
    ship waste-free

    Everything in your order (right down to the tape) is made from SFI-certified materials and can be recycled curbside. Nothing to throw away!
  • Our own
 <br>Recycling Program

    Our own

    Recycling Program

    Can’t recycle at home? We’ve got your back. Send us your empties and we'll send you 40% off your next order.


Infinitely recyclable, this material is one of our favorites for non-active products.

Your Move

Recycle or re-use

All of our glass is curbside recyclable, where available. Peel off any labels and rinse out any remaining product before recycling.

Looking to re-use? Try using it to store homemade goods. The possibilities are endless!

Found In
Found In Img

Sunday Spray 
Refill (8oz)

Recycling Program

Here at Kinfield, we're all about the take-backsies.
Send us your empties to be recycled, and receive 40% off your next Kinfield product.

**Please note: our office is currently closed due to COVID-19 closures, so our ability to process your shipments will be delayed. Send us a photo and tracking information to and we'd be happy to honor your discount early. Thank you for your understanding!**

How does it work?

Gather up your (empty, clean) pumps or empties from your finished personal care and beauty products. We’ll take products from any brand to be recycled with TerraCycle, and our small team appreciates you sending us items that are already empty and cleaned out.

Include a note with your email address, and mail to:

Attn: Recycling Program
195 Broadway St
Ste 300
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Thank You

For every 1 Kinfield item, or 5 items from other brands, that you send in, we’ll send you 40% off your next Kinfield product.

Questions? Email us and we’d be happy to help.

Have other items you'd like to recycle?

Checkout our Recycling Director for more programs.

Recycling Guide

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