A women's hands open an orange Golden Hour Wipe packet and pulls out the biodegradable repellent wipe in front of greenery.

Vegan! Biodegradable! Ooh.

Bye, bye,

The internet's favorite repellent,
now in travel-friendly wipes.


Powered By Plants,
Backed By Science,
Recreation Ready

A hand reaches for a tube of Kinfield Cloud Cover Body Sunscreen being handed to her by another hand.
Two women laughing into the sun together

From park picnics to weekends upstate—we make clean, effective products that are here for all your outdoor adventures. And the best part? They actually work.

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Kinfield repels thirsty insects with an effective all-natural blend.

Bottom line: I’ll be getting it in bulk.

I’m officially a Kinfield convert.

We tested it all last summer and… didn’t get bitten once.

At once both clean AND cute.

Golden Hour works perfectly in Brooklyn's buggiest backyards.

This new brand is for everyone who loves the outdoors, clean beauty, and great packaging.

Made Safe for People + Planet™

Yellow flowers on a sunny day outdoors
  • Ingredients

    Our products are produced with clean, responsibly sourced ingredients and developed with research-backed methods so they deliver on their promises. (We’d never leave you out to dry.)

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  • Sustainability

    We love this planet and bet you do too. That’s why we’re dedicated to using eco-conscious materials and suppliers, recyclable packaging, and thoughtful shipping methods in our pursuit for a more sustainable world.

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  • Team

    We're a team of curious, passionate people, with big dreams of a happier, healthier world. Our mission is to empower you to spend time in nature in whatever way moves you—whether you're outdoorsy or more outdoors-ish. We're here to get you on your way.

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