Everything at Kinfield is designed to be Made Safe for People + Planet™—and that goes way beyond our products.

We proudly prioritize people- and planet-safe ingredients, minimal-waste packaging, and more. Plus, we're vetted by some of the best of the biz (just take a peek at our certifications below).


Plastic Neutral

While we reduce our dependence on plastic wherever possible, we recognize that its durability makes it the right choice in some cases. To reduce our impact and offset the plastic we use, we contribute towards vetted programs that remove plastic waste from our environment.

1% for the planet

We donate 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits that support responsible stewardship and access to the great outdoors. While our specific donations change each year, in the past we have been proud to support the likes of Brave Trails, Outdoor Afro, The Rocky Mountain Conservancy, GirlVentures and more.

Pact Collective

In our ongoing commitment and sustainability, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Pact – a beauty and wellness collection program that exists to end packaging waste in the beauty and wellness industry and to make its packaging more sustainable. Through our partnership with Pact, you’ll be able to divert your Kinfield empties from ending up in the landfill by returning them through Pact’s collection program!

Find a drop-off location near you here.

Hawaii Act 104 compliant

Our sunscreens are proudly reef-safe and approved under Hawaii Act 104 for use in ocean environments. We utilize only mineral active ingredients.

Leaping Bunny Certified

We never use any form of animal testing on any of our ingredients or formulas. It's as simple as that!

Proudly Vegan

We proudly use ingredients that are known to be cruelty-free and vegan.

Corso Shipping

Ready to reduce your carbon emission? We're here to help! We offset the carbon emissions of the majority of our shipments, and partner with Corso to go one step further.

Our products are all proudly Made Safe for People + Planet™

We never use


Sustainability begins by buying only what you need. From there, do your best to re-use or recycle everything that you purchase.

At Kinfield, we're reducing waste and enabling recycling at every level of our supply chain. Use the guides below to join us in shaping a better tomorrow. Small steps can add up to great things—especially when we're working together.

This Is How We Do It

How We Do Our Part

  • Reduce overall <br>

    Reduce overall

    We skip the fluff—eliminating filler material for our orders and skipping product boxes wherever possible.
  • Utilize recycled &<br>recyclable materials

    Utilize recycled &
    recyclable materials

    We prioritize recycled materials (like Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic) and recyclable packaging to make the most of every material.
  • Use plastic alternatives whenever possible

    Use plastic alternatives whenever possible

    We consider all possible materials, looking for those with the highest functionality and the lowest environmental impact.
  • All products <br>ship waste-free

    All products
    ship waste-free

    All of the shipping materials in your order (right down to the tape) can be recycled curbside. Nothing to throw away!
  • Our own <br>Recycling Program

    Our own
    Recycling Program

    Can’t recycle at home? We’ve got your back. We've partnered with Pact to provide drop-off locations for your empties. Check for one near you here.


Plastic is durable and lightweight, making it a great option for active environments and travel. Look for plastics numbered with a 1 or 2, as they are the easiest to recycle. All Kinfield bottles are Type 1!

Your Move

Re-use or recycle

All Kinfield bottles are Type 1 (PET), which is curbside recyclable in most areas. Remove the cap and rinse out any excess product before recycling.

Kinfield's SPF is packaged in a post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, which is curbside recyclable in most areas.

Spray tops and pumps are not curbside recyclable because they contain a metal spring. Send yours to Terracycle (or us!) to be recycled!

Plastic items smaller than 3" are not able to be recycled due to their size. Recycle these via Terracycle instead.

For other types of plastic, see this guide.

Found In
Found In Img

Golden Hour (3 oz)

Found In Img

Golden Hour Mini (0.7 oz)

Found In Img

Sunday Spray (3 oz)

Found In Img

Sunday Spray Mini (0.7 oz)

Found In Img

Daily Dew SPF 35

Found In Img

Sunglow SPF 30

We ♥ Take-Backsies

How to recycle your Kinfield products via Pact
Pact has made it easy to divert your empties from the landfill in in just three easy steps:

1. Clean it out: When you’ve finished your favorite products, dump any unused goop, and rinse and clean the package. Ensure it is truly clean and empty — packages with product left inside get incinerated because they can’t be recycled!

2. Discard it properly: Pact has locations all over the United States and Canada where you can drop off your clean packaging. In the spirit of sustainability, this is the most planet-friendly option, and we recommend checking out their bin locator to find a drop-off location near you. 

If you’d prefer to drop your empties in the mail, send us an email at, and we’ll get you sorted with all the instructions. 

3. Give it a new life: This one’s not on you, but it’s a crucial part of the Pact process! Once the packaging is in Pact’s hands, it will be sent to their sorting facilities and separated by material. Pact works to find the highest and best use for every type of material they receive and when possible, they turn it into new consumer packaging or durable goods!

At Kinfield, we're reducing waste and enabling recycling at every level of our supply chain. This new partnership extends the invitation of our commitment to sustainability to you, keeping your Kinfield packaging out of the packaging problem. 

Have other items you'd like to recycle?

Visit our Recycling page for more info on our partnership with Pact.

Recycling with Pact