Recycling Program

Here at Kinfield, we're all about the take-backsies.
Send us your empties to be recycled, and receive 40% off your next Kinfield product.

**Please note: our office is currently closed due to COVID-19 closures, so our ability to process your shipments will be delayed. Send us a photo and tracking information to and we'd be happy to honor your discount early. Thank you for your understanding!**

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How does it work?

Gather up your (empty, clean) pumps or empties from your finished personal care and beauty products. We’ll take products from any brand to be recycled with TerraCycle, and our small team appreciates you sending us items that are already empty and cleaned out.
Include a note with your email address, and mail to:

Attn: Recycling Program
195 Broadway St
Ste 300
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Thank You

For every 1 Kinfield item, or 5 items from other brands, that you send in, we’ll send you 40% off your next Kinfield product.

Questions? Email us and we’d be happy to help.

Tell me more.

Kinfield products are packaged in PET bottles because PET is lightweight (easy for shipping), tough to break (ideal for all kinds of outdoor recreation), and generally has a lower carbon footprint than many alternatives (score!). Still, they’re far from perfect. While the empty bottles are easy to recycle, the pump tops can be a bit more complicated.


Many local recycling facilities aren’t able to accept items containing multiple materials—such as spray pumps from personal care products, which are plastic with an interior metal spring. Mixed material items require more labor and resources to separate them into their individual parts, if those pieces can be separated at all. What’s more, the cost of doing so is greater than what those raw materials are worth. So instead of being recycled, those items often end up in landfills. But that doesn’t have to be the case—and we’d like to help.
Instead of throwing your pumps away, send them to us to be recycled. As a thank you, we’ll send you a code to use on your next Kinfield purchase.


Have other items you’d like to recycle?
Check out our Recycling Directory for more programs.

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