For Her Mom: Founder Picks with Brittany Bentley of Parker Clay

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For Her Mom.

Brittany Bentley, the co-founder and Creative Director of Parker Clay shares her picks for her mom. We love this intentional and thoughtful list. 

We are so adding these picks to our wishlist. Check them out below:

Miramar Leather Backpack from Parker Clay

"I love how the Miramar Bag is a bag for me, not just something I carry for the kids. It looks great with every outfit but still holds everything I need for the day including my computer. My kids are growing older now but when they were younger it also made for the perfect diaper bag."

The Pair from Brightland

"Mom's are masters of multi-tasking and this duo from Brightland is perfect for any mom who enjoys adding a little extra flavor to the everyday meal."

Linen Long Sleeve Jumpsuit from MATE

"This jumpsuit is good for mom and for the planet, plus it's flattering and functional."

Pure Matcha from Golde

"I love that pure, sustainably-sourced Matcha is the only ingredient Golde uses (and it's great for getting energized in the morning, without all the jitters)."

Moondust Hair Wash from Susteau

"Perfect for an on-the-go mom who needs to tame her wild curls and wants to support keeping our waters (and body) clean."

Scent No 03 from Siblings

"Everyday will be a day at the spa with Siblings Cucumber, Jasmine, and Fresh Greens non-toxic candle."
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