Golden Hour Spray FAQs

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Curious about our Golden Hour Spray? Read on to learn all about our beloved mosquito repellent, and email us at if you still have any extra questions.


Will Golden Hour really help repel mosquitoes?

You bet! We only believe in releasing products that we love, and that we can trust to perform. Golden Hour's performance has been tested against Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes through two rounds of double-blind testing by an independent lab. While independent results depend on your skin's unique biome, the lab confirmed an average of 3+ hours of protection time for most people. We have hundreds of rave reviews, too!


Is it as effective without the DEET?

You bet! Golden Hour was submitted to a third-party lab for independent testing, and the lab confirmed an average of 3+ hours of protection when tested against Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. Everyone’s skin chemistry is slightly different and the product will be more effective for some people than others, but we have had nothing but great feedback from everyone who has tried it so far! We do recommend reapplying Golden Hour as often as needed, or every two hours, to ensure maximum protection. Please note that Golden Hour has not yet been tested for efficacy on animals.


Will it repel all insects, including ticks?

Golden Hour has only been tested and shown to be effective against Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. We hope to do additional testing soon to confirm protection against other types of insects, but at this time it is not formulated for or tested against ticks or no-see-ums.


What’s the background on this “special” strain of citronella?

There has been extensive research on the repellency effects of various plant-based ingredients, and this specialty strain of citronella has been repeatedly shown to be one of the most effective active ingredients available.

It contains higher amounts of the compounds that repel insects, which makes it a more effective strain than what is used on the majority of the market. However, just using the right strain isn’t enough—we searched high and low to find farmers and suppliers who truly understand how to care for and harvest citronella to produce the highest possible quality of oil.

We believe that this is some of the best citronella in the world, and that is what contributes to making Golden Hour such a great product, and the first of its kind—a safe, DEET-free repellent that is truly effective.


What makes it different from regular citronella?

While most citronella on the market today use a less effective strain called cymbopogon nardus, we instead elected to formulate with cymbopogon winterianus, which contains higher amounts of the compounds that repel mosquitoes.

Cymbopogon winterianus is harder to cultivate and is only grown in select markets around the world, which makes it less appealing for big companies who are looking for the cheapest and easiest option. However, when we set out to make the best DEET-free repellent possible, we knew we needed the best plant-based ingredients—even if it meant spending more to get higher quality ingredients—and that is what led us to source this particular strain of citronella.

Is it safe for kids?

We recommend consulting your doctor before applying any product to children, especially those under <6 months of age.

For children 6 months or older, the product is safe for use when applied by an adult. When applying to children, spray into hands first and pat to apply. Do not use on the hands of children. If you have specific questions or concerns, we recommend talking to your doctor, as they know you and the needs of your family best.


How often should I reapply?

We recommend reapplying every 2 - 4 hours, or as often as needed.

I have allergies—can I use Golden Hour?

We formulate with plant-based ingredients, such as essential oils, and allergic reactions are always a possibility. We recommend patch testing on a small section of skin prior to use if you are concerned about adverse reactions.

Is Golden Hour flammable?

Without an ignition source, there is no chance of fire. However, we recommend storing your Golden Hour well away from any fire sources, as it can be flammable if heated to high temperatures and simultaneously exposed to open sources of ignition. Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces – no smoking. Do not spray on an open flame or other ignition source.

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