How To: Make a Habit of Getting Outside

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Woman energetically leaps across a small river

The outdoors has long been a place for play, exploration, and adventure—but this past year has looked a little differently. With stay-at-home orders in place across the country, many of us are looking closer to home (think: backyard) for our fresh air fixes.

The good news is that it's never been easier to get time in the great outdoors. What's more, even as little as 15 minutes of sunshine has been shown to boost [stat]. So while you're thinking about your new years' resolutions, why not make a healthy habit out of getting outside?

Here are some tips to incorporate the outdoors into your everyday life:

Start (or end) the day with a walk

Dog owners, you're miles ahead of us on this one. But even for the Fido-less among us, why not take yourself for a daily walk? Consider doing it first thing in the morning, or at another consistent time—like just before or after your workday. Like a commute, but better.

Consistency is key

Cultivating a habit takes time, so you have to make it easy and repeatable for your lifestyle. Maybe it's that you go surfing every Sunday morning, take a walk around the block every evening, or prioritize a reading date in the park once a month. Whatever works for you—just schedule it in, and make it a consistent occurrence.

Find a Buddy

Make a feel-good accountability crew, where you promise to check in and make sure everybody got some outside time. Even if you're not in the same city, you'll be amazed at what a simple "Have you gone outside yet?" text message can do.

Dress for the Weather

Bundle up! With the right gear, you can get outdoors all year round. Weather-appropriate clothing (and shoes) make all the difference. For summer, look for wicking materials (often synthetics) that will dry quickly and allow your skin to breathe. During colder months, opt for natural fibers like wool or puffy layers that keep warm air close to your skin. Layering is especially key in winter—check out our primer on base layers for more info and our team's recommendations!

No Phones Allowed

If possible (like when doing a short walk around the block), try leaving your phone at home, and feel a digital weight lift off your shoulders. Take the time to observe your natural environment and breathe in the fresh air!

Can't go totally phone-free? Try silencing your notifications and putting it in a zipped pocket, or deep in your bag instead. Just remember—we always recommend telling someone where you're going (phone or no phone!), and keeping at least one phone in your group for emergencies.

Five Minutes Counts

Much as we'd love to make time for an hour-long stroll every day, the reality is that it's not (often) possible. Lower the bar, and let yourself embrace however much time you can allow—even if it's just five minutes of shooting hoops, or sipping your coffee in your backyard.

Go Digital

Thunderstorm, snow squall, or you just can't bring yourself to shlepp down 7 flights of stairs (looking at you, Brooklyn)? Try this if you can't get outside: sit in a comfy spot, facing a window or other natural light source. Put on headphones with your favorite nature soundtrack, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for three to five minutes. It might not be a full-on vacation, but this "mini break" is more restorative than you might think!

Wherever your outdoor adventures take you, Kinfield makes it easy to have the products you need to make the most of every moment outside. We especially love the everyday versatility of Waterbalm, for easy hydration from head to toe.

Enjoy your adventures!

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