What Makes Packaging ‘Sustainable’?

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Products come in packaging  of all different shapes and sizes, we love the products inside, but do we think about what’s on the outside too? Here’s a question—can packaging be ‘sustainable’? 

Let’s unwrap and learn more about what makes packaging ‘sustainable’!

Materials? Where they’re sourced?

Sustainable packaging can be made from recycled materials such as SFI-certified or FSC-certified paper stock or the materials may be sustainability sourced or harvested. Brands like REN skincare use ocean plastic for their bottles and post-consumer recycled plastic for their tubes!

Brands across various industries are opting for sustainable packaging options to keep up consumer demand. However, when choosing materials brands must consider how the product will be used and how will it travel? For example, glass is great but it’s heavy (has a high footprint for shipping, and requires extra filler material to protect in transit), and is breakable so not functional for active spaces.

Leaving materials out in packaging is also a great step towards sustainability. This might look like reducing excess packaging materials or reducing filler materials! At Kinfield, we always use SFI- or FSC-certified, and are utilizing only recycled plastics in all of our new launches this year (no virgin plastics).

How is it made? Production, travel?

How far does everything travel? Sustainable packaging can also include reducing the distance between materials → production facilities → warehouse. Here at Kinfield we’re reducing our packaging’s travel time—everything is produced domestically. 

After the products and packaging are made, they travel again to get to you! Millions of packages are shipping daily—look for sustainable shipping materials options  like paper tape, plastic-free filler materials or bubble mailers. We ship waste-free (everything is recyclable, no plastic) and we offset shipments with carbon credits through Shop Pay and Cloverly.

End of life—is it recyclable? 

After you get your package, it doesn’t just end there! Is it compostable,  recyclable, or  re-usable? What more can you do with your packaging? 

At Kinfield almost everything is recyclable; we prioritize recycled materials like post-consumer recycled plastic for our products & we ship waste-free. Check out our Recycling guide and recycling program with Terracycle to learn more about what to do with products once you’re done!

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