Why We're Choosing to #OptOutside

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Two women, a man, and a dog stand on a large rock, looking happy, as they look out on the forest and mountain

This Black Friday, we won’t be running any sales, promotions, or new product launches. Instead, we’re choosing to start our sales a day later with Small Business Saturday, and will be spending Friday in the great outdoors.

But Kinfield, didn’t you just tell us how important this holiday season’s sales are for small businesses?

Yep! Here’s why we’re choosing to sit out on one of the biggest sale days for the year.

 Hands held to the sky against trees and a mountain.

Why We Aren’t Discounting

As a sustainable brand, the mass consumption that deep sales encourage hasn’t always sat well with us. We’d prefer that you buy things as you need them, and invest in quality products that do the job right the first time (hi!).

What’s more, the costs of producing those kinds of high quality items makes it challenging to offer steep discounts. We aren’t pricing products high just so we can discount them and give you the feeling of a bargain later.

Our products are priced the way they are because they’re made sustainably, produced here in California, with high quality active ingredients that work—and they go through significant (and costly) testing to ensure product safety and efficacy. Those things might be expensive investments for a business, but we made those choices thoughtfully and stand by our commitment to quality products.

We know that deals can still feel enticing, so we’ll still offer some special promotions for Small Business Saturday and for Cyber Monday—two days that felt more aligned with who we are as an online small business. Check back to see what we’re up to.

Two women, a man, and a dog walk on the rocks along a river on a sunny day

… and are Opting Outside instead.

It might not come as a surprise that we take every opportunity to get outside that we get. Our team works hard, and we love the idea of giving them some well-deserved time to rest, relax with their families, and reconnect with the great outdoors at the end of a busy year.

The outdoors is a place of universal calm—and the benefits of fresh air and sunshine extend even beyond what we can imagine. We could all use the extra stress relief, and what better way to do that with a day off and an excuse to get out for your favorite hike?

This Black Friday, join us in the great outdoors in whatever way that moves you. Whether you’re playing a game of touch football in the yard, returning to a favorite hiking spot, exploring a new park, or simply taking a family walk around the block, we’ll see you out there.

-Team Kinfield

More about #OptOutside

#OptOutside was started by a brand we love, REI. Now in its fifth year, #OptOutside began as a campaign to encourage Americans to reflect more seriously on their consumption habits and to encourage everyone to spend the day outdoors with friends and family. You can read more here.


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