For Her Best Friend: Founder Picks with Atara Bernstein of Pineapple Collaborative

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For Her Best Friend.


We love Pineapple Collaborative co-founder Atara's gift picks for her best friend. 

From puzzles to matcha to practical (but beautiful!) kitchen knives, these picks are perfect for your trendy, sustainable friends:

The Holiday Set From Pineapple Collaborative

"My bestie loves to cook and this is the perfect all in one box of pantry staples."

 Matcha Kit from Golde

"Delicious, healthy, and great for weaning off of coffee."

 Soap from Soapply

"I'm always on board for an environmentally friendly soap that looks good at the sink, too."

 8inch Knife in cream from Material Kitchen 

"These are great knives and look beautiful too. The double whammy."

 1000 piece Food for Thought Puzzle from Piecework

"Fun, flow-y, mindful activity for my bff who loves puzzles."

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