For Siblings: Founder Picks with Eva Eckerblad of Siblings

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For siblings. 

Believe it or not, sustainable candle brand Siblings was actually founded by two siblings—brother and sister duo Eva and David. Perfectly named, right? We happen to think their sustainable, pour-your-own candles are pretty perfect, too.

Read on to shop co-founder Eva's favorite gift picks for your favorite sibling:

Fleece Crop Sweatshirt from MATE 

"Sis can never have too much cozy loungewear. This fleece sweatshirt is comfy enough for the couch, and stylish enough to wear out and about."

Cleansing Bundle from Alder New York

"Love this cleansing bar soap bundle for a brother. It feels like a real treat that they wouldn't typically buy for themselves."

The Ultimate Gift Set from Bite

"Help brother or sister upgrade their daily grooming to plastic free with this self-care kit from Bite."

 The Luminous Capsule from Brightland

"A beautiful holiday bundle from Brightland is perfect for your sibling that loves to cook."

The Starter Set from Soapply

"This luxury refillable hand soap helps cut down on plastic and makes for a magical moment at the sink. It's a thoughtful twist on a classic gift."

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