For a Sister: Founder Picks with Laura Schubert of Fur

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For a friend. 

Laura Schubert, co-founder of body and hair care company Fur, put together her favorite picks for any friend (or yourself!). 

We love the emphasis on sustainability in her gift picks for a friend, below:

Matcha from Golde

"Love this matcha! Not only does it make delicious lattes, but is also ethically sourced."

Digestive Essentials from Hilma 

"So much more than a typical supplement, and a serious game changer for anyone who suffers from stomach pains or bloating."

Moondust Hair Wash from Susteau 

"My hair has never felt so soft and hydrated! And since this shampoo comes as a powder, it’s much more sustainable than a typical liquid hair wash."

Toothpaste Bits from Bite 

"Taste great and are super convenient for traveling — love the zero waste factor as well!"

Snow Day Puzzle by Jiggy 

"These puzzles have become a form of meditation for me. And it feels extra fulfilling to have a beautiful piece of art as the end product."

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