For All the Moms: Founder Picks with Taylor Lamb of Juna

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For all the moms.

Not sure what to get for the moms in your life? We asked Taylor Lamb, co-founder of CBD wellness brand Juna (and mom!) for her best gift picks for moms—whether your own or a new mom friend. 

We love her emphasis on gifts that make life a little easier, cozier, and more peaceful! Read on for Taylor's picks for moms:

Nightcap  sleep drops from Juna

"The holy grail for a good night's sleep and lowered stress levels... what mom could ask for more?"

Fleece Oversized Sweatshirt from MATE

"For my go-to school drop-off look the Mate The Label oversized sweatshirt and biker shorts in bone are a must. Comfy, cozy, and sustainably made."

Plant Based Dry Shampoo from Act + Acre

"Because what mom has time to wash her hair that often? Love this plant-based dry shampoo for the day(s) in between washes."

Don't Be A Dick Hat from Juna 

"My whole life's motto all wrapped up in the perfect hat. I wear this hat in LA traffic, around my toddler, to the DMV, around my husband, to parent/teacher conferences and more as a gently reminder to not be a dick. : )"

Dew + Glow SPF Bundle from Kinfield 

"I can't get enough of Kinfield's SPF! Perfect to use every morning and clean enough to use while pregnant or on my daughter when we are out-and-about."

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