Introducing Our New Partnership with Pact

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Pact Empty Containers


Introducing Our New Partnership with Pact

Everything at Kinfield is designed to be Made Safe for People + Planet™—and that goes way beyond our products. We proudly prioritize people- and planet-safe ingredients, minimal-waste packaging, and more. 

In our ongoing commitment and sustainability, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Pact – a beauty and wellness collection program that exists to end packaging waste in the beauty and wellness industry, and to make its packaging more sustainable. Through our partnership with Pact, you’ll be able to divert your Kinfield empties from ending up in the landfill by returning them through Pact’s collection program!

How recycling via Pact can make a difference

There’s a lot to love about Pact, but what we love the most is that they’re focused on systemic change. Each year, the beauty and wellness industry alone produces about 120 billion packages, and 79% of that ends up in landfills or as pollution. It’s safe to say the beauty industry has a packaging problem. Pact not only diverts a lot of current hard-to-recycle packaging from the landfills, but is also advocating for and making it possible for all beauty and wellness packaging truly recyclable. It’s a big mission, and we couldn’t be more excited to begin this partnership. 

How to recycle your Kinfield products via Pact
Pact has made it easy to divert your empties from the landfill in in just three easy steps:

  1. Clean it out: When you’ve finished your favorite products, dump any unused goop, and rinse and clean the package. Ensure it is truly clean and empty — packages with product left inside get incinerated because they can’t be recycled!
  2. Discard it properly: Pact has locations all over the United States and Canada where you can drop off your clean packaging. In the spirit of sustainability, this is the most planet-friendly option, and we recommend checking out their bin locator to find a drop-off location near you. 

If you’d prefer to drop your empties in the mail, send us an email at, and we’ll get you sorted with all the instructions. 

  1. Give it a new life: This one’s not on you, but it’s a crucial part of the Pact process! Once the packaging is in Pact’s hands, it will be sent to their sorting facilities and separated by material. Pact works to find the highest and best use for every type of material they receive and when possible, they turn it into new consumer packaging or durable goods!

At Kinfield, we're reducing waste and enabling recycling at every level of our supply chain. This new partnership extends the invitation of our commitment to sustainability to you, keeping your Kinfield packaging out of the packaging problem. Learn more about our company’s sustainability efforts and visit Pact’s website to learn more about their work to end packaging waste in the beauty industry. 

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