The Summer Recap: Liz Somerville

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The Summer Recap Series: From coast to coast, the Kinfield community made this summer one to remember. Across the country, our ambassadors hosted some meet ups that you showed up for big time! 

Meet Liz Somerville, an aficionado of art, and of hot dogs. You love her already, right?! Liz is a part of Team Kinfield and along with our friends at HoldOn Bags, and The Harpeth Conservancy, she (we!) hosted a walking cleanup of Richland Creek in Nashville, Tennessee. Hear more about this fun day, and some great perspective on community, from Liz herself!


What is your favorite way to be Outdoors-ish?

A cheese board with sparkling wine at the end of an evening hike!


Tell us more about the community event you co-hosted in Nashville?

We (Kinfield!) partnered with Nashville non-profit Harpeth Conservancy, whose mission is to restore and protect clean water and healthy ecosystems for rivers in Tennessee. We organized a walking creek cleanup at Richland Creek in West Nashville and gathered over 1,000 pounds of trash! It was such a lovely day.


Ok, start from the beginning: how did you get connected to Kinfield?

Where to begin?! I initially found Kinfield through an Instagram post and started working here a few months after. I've now been at Kinfield for over two years! It has been such a joy-filled learning experience and the mission to inspire a happier, healthier world by empowering others to live your best life outside rings true. 


We love that you’re a part of our team, and that you got to be a part of our community in action through this event! Can you share more about what community means to you, and what it takes to build a thriving community? 

Community means bringing people together in a myriad of ways. Whether that's over the internet or in-person, it's a collective push to create connection with one another and to expand your mind through engaging with others. 
A thriving community to me means creating new connections with others and leaning into those that you already have. It means being able to share experiences with others as well as having intentional and vulnerable conversations...without forgetting to have fun! 
I absolutely love all sorts of connections. The in-between moments we have with one another—whether that's a quick conversation with a cashier at the grocery store or a weekly dinner with close friends. 


Wow, what an amazing perspective, we agree that it’s all about those moments in between. And we also know you moved recently, can you share what you’ve learned about community from that?

I recently moved back to Nashville after living away for a few years and building a new community has been challenging but fun. Building community for me starts with being vulnerable, and willing to take risks. This can be done through asking questions to learn about others, through actively searching for events to attend, and meeting people in unconventional ways.


And finally, what is the Kinfield product that you reach for the most?

Relief Balm is without a doubt my favorite product—the way it so easily blends and melts into your skin to provide the most calming relief (for bug bites, eczema, cuts, etc!) truly amazes me. Daily Dew would be a close second—it's my go-to daily sunscreen and moisturizer. I love that it's a mineral based sunscreen and that it leaves my skin feeling dewy, protected, and fresh!

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