Labor Day Weekend Sale: Savoring the Last Days of Summer

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hiking with friends

Lake dips, popsicles in the sun, sunny road trips with our feet on the dashboard blasting our favorite tunes…

Labor Day weekend marks our last chance to soak up that summer feeling with all of the things (big and small!) that spark joy. So with that in mind, we’re heading into the long weekend with one priority: to have fun! Whether it’s solo or with friends, inside or outside, near or far, our goal is to enjoy every moment of the final few days of summer before our freckles fade and sweater weather arrives. 

To help spread the last-hoorah energy, we’re having a end-of-the-season sale—just for the fun of it 😉 This weekend only, save 15% on all of your recreation-ready favorites with code WAHOO and get a free Sun Hat on your $100+ order while supplies last! 


Take 15% OFF sitewide* with code WAHOO

Get a free Sun Hat on orders over $100 (while supplies last) ☀️

*Offer valid on full priced items. Bundles excluded!


Need help deciding what to add to your basket? Here are a few our favorite picks. 

Sunglow SPF

Nichole’s Favorite (Our Founder): Sunglow

“I’m in denial that summer is coming to an end, but wearing Sunglow daily keeps my skin looking bronze-y and glowy all year round (and bonus, protected from the sun!). PS—seasonal shifts also means drier skin for me, so S.O.S. Rescue Mask is a must to keep my skin happy and hydrated!” 

Daily Dew SPF

Customer Favorite: Daily Dew 

“I was looking for a sunscreen that I could wear everyday and actually enjoy putting on, and Daily Dew is it! It goes on silky smooth, doesn’t break me out, smells amazing, AND provides lasting sun coverage! The perfect sunscreen does exist.” –Camille S. 

Golden Hour Spray

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Golden Hour Spray 

This clean, mosquito repellent spray is our bestselling product for a reason: it really works. And it smells heavenly too (a little citrus-y, a little vanilla-y), which elevates the whole experience of spraying it everywhere to avoid itchy bites. Keep this on hand for fall nights around the campfire or mid-winter escapes to somewhere tropical. 

Relief Balm 

This multipurpose soothing salve is relief in stick format. It instantly calms irritation, inflammation, and itchy bug bites (if you missed a spot with Golden Hour) so you can sleep easy. TBH, it’s a medicine cabinet must-have. You’ll be surprised how often you reach for it. 

Golden Hour Wipes 

Because our community loves to adventure near and far and stay on the go, we made our bestselling mosquito repellent spray into convenient wipes. Just tear open, rub all over skin from head to toe, and enjoy the outdoors mosquito-free. They stash easily into a backpack or back pocket, and save the day when carry-on space is limited.

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