Picnic Perfection: Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Dining Experience

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A picnic in the park, the beach, or maybe an epic viewpoint? Get cuter! It’s the season of al fresco and almost nothing beats feeling your feet in the grass, a drink in your hand, a fresh meal, the perfect tunes playing, and your favorite people in one place. A picnic can be as simple as you’d like it to be but lately, we’ve been dipping our toes into crafting the ultimate picnic and let us tell you – it might just be our new favorite way to be Outdoors-ish! 

We’re by no means experts because the possibilities here are truly endless, but we’ve learned a thing or two about the elements of an epic outdoor dining experience and we’re excited to share them with you. Guaranteed, you’ll be packing up your picnic basket by the time you finish reading this. 


Location, location, location

It may be overlooked, but finding the right spot to post up for your picnic is one of the most important factors! On a slant? Watch your rosé roll down the hill. No shade? Chances are your food (and your crew!) will be melting. Whether it’s your backyard or a National Park, the key is a lush and grassy spot that’s flat and has some shade….your own personal slice of paradise!


The perfect picnic blanket and basket

Yup, we found them. Look no further than Caminito for the picnic blanket and basket pair that you’ll pull out for years to come. The blanket rolls are super easy to carry and store, and they open up to become a big and soft and beautiful canvas for your picnic! Their Canasta Baskets are big and roomy and were designed to haul blankets, food, and other essentials for sunny adventures. 


Aesthetic is everything

A regular picnic becomes the ultimate picnic when you add that little something extra to it. Our favorite setup so far is perfect for a gathering that’s going to linger past golden hour and it has everything to do with light. Turn on some USB-powered string lights to make the picnic feel like magic, and then light a Siblings Candle (the Dolce Vita scent is perfect for this – rosemary, lemon, and salt water make you feel like you’re on the Mediterranean).


Don’t let the bugs bring you down

You’re eating outside and you have to make the assumption: there will be bugs. No sweat though, keep a bottle of Kinfield’s Golden Hour close by to apply as you need to so that you can focus on the food. An added bonus? It smells amazing, too. Just call it picnic perfume. 


Go enamel

Those classic enamel mugs we all love so much aren’t just for camping! We’re slightly obsessed with enamelware, especially the sets from Crow Canyon. Not only do they make your plates and cups and serving ware part of the aesthetic, but they’re also super durable and versatile. We’d be just as likely to pull them out for a fun patio dinner at home! 


Get grazing

To feel like you’re feasting, make a graze board! We like to think of this as charcuterie, plus some more. Think: baguette, different types of crackers, a few cured meats and cheeses, sliced fruits and veggies, dips, salted nuts, olives, dried apricots, pretzels, and of course dark chocolate. It’s simple, gorgeous, surprisingly filling, and great for a group. To take the pressure off hosting and add an element of surprise, this is a great option to turn into a potluck. Give everyone the chance to bring something for the board!


Grill on the go

Did someone say barbecue? Barebones Living is known for their vintage-inspired modern tools to make delicious food – yes please to all of that! If you’re ready to play chef, add their Cast Iron Grill Bundle to your setup and have some fun with a menu as simple as hot dogs or as fancy as you want to get! 

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