The Kinfield Guide to Outdoors-ish Skincare

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You’re all packed up to hit the trails – you’ve picked the perfect snacks, made sure you have layers for the changing temps, and you’ve curated some epic tunes for the drive there. Why not give the same attention to your skin? 

Between fluctuating climate, sun, wind, maybe some altitude for those mountain lovers, and all that comes with a fun day a little extra attention to your skin will not only help you feel your best at the end of the day, but also keep it protected, nourished, and healthy 

As gals who can’t get enough of golden hour picnics, morning hikes in the mountains, and everything in between, we’ve learned a thing or two about skincare days outdoors. Our approach? Tending to our skin from the inside, out: a little offense, a lot of defense, and listening to what our bodies need! We’re sharing all our go-to’s here in The Kinfield Guide to Outdoors-ish Skincare. 



It’s kind of wild how many things can be traced back to how hydrated we are, and our skin is no different. When we’re hiking, our bodies are more active and so naturally, we’ll need more water and also get dehydrated more quickly. If you can prioritize making sure you drink enough water while you’re adventuring, you’ve already got a head start for keeping your skin healthy.  Not quite sure what ‘enough’ means? A good rule of thumb is about 16 ounces every 30 minutes. Taking several good, generous sips should have you covered. Plus, it’s a great excuse to pull off of the side of the trail for a little break! 

Our tip for hydrated skin on the trails: add some electrolytes! We love adding some Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Mixer to our water bottle to help quickly replenish those important electrolytes like sodium and potassium. They come in fun flavors like strawberry kiwi, grapefruit, and watermelon so it’s also a delicious treat to look forward to while you’re hiking! 



SPF, baby! While this should be a daily ritual for all of us (because spoiler alert, the sun’s UV rays that cause damage to our skin still get through on cloudy days), it’s extra important out on the trails. And if your adventures are taking you up to higher elevation, you’re actually exposed to an increased level of UV which means that sunburns will sneak up more quickly. 

Because you never know what weather the day may bring, because your skin deserves to be protected, and most importantly because your time outdoors should be focused on being present, being playful, and soaking in this incredible planet we call home – committing to sunscreen might just be the best thing you can do when it comes to outdoor skincare (in fact, it’s a huge part of why we exist as a brand!).

Our sunscreen routine is broken down into three parts. For your body, Cloud Cover SPF 35 is reef-safe and water resistant which means that from meandering valley strolls and lake dips to a picnic on the peaks, it’s ready for whatever you’ve got in store. Plus, it’s made with 100% mineral non-nano zinc which means that it will also sit on top of your skin as a strong and lasting protective barrier throughout the day, without leaving a white cast. 



For the face, Daily Dew SPF 35 is the ultimate go-to for a moisturizer-meets-sunscreen that’s equal parts hydrating and protective, smells like a Mediterranean vacation and leaves your skin feeling…well, dewy and bouncy like a dolphin’s. We could go on and on but seriously, it’s blendable, friendly for sensitive and acne-prone skin, and won’t melt when you sweat. All of this makes it the perfect pairing for hiking to make sure your skin is as happy as you are at the end of the day!



Top it all off with some Lip Lock SPF 15 Balm, a vegan mineral SPF lip sunscreen that smells and tastes like fresh picked strawberries. Now is probably a good time to mention that organic strawberries are actually one of its key ingredients, along with fruit oils and seed butters. It’s nourishing, hydrating, protective, and a totally upgraded throwback to your favorite lip balm from high school. It’s a daily staple, and a non-negotiable to stash in your bag when you hit the trails because chapped lips aren’t fun and burned lips are just…ouch!

Finally, don’t make your sunscreen do all of the work. We love to hike with a hat to keep cool and give our faces a little break from that beating sun. This bucket hat from lululemon is one of our favorites for the trails because it’s a total look and protects from UV rays, too!



You’re back from the trails, your feet are out of the boots, and…all of a sudden you’re really ready to take a shower and get cozy. That can’t just be us, right?! When you’re settling in after a day outdoors, your skin is practically begging you for some attention. Between sunscreen and sweat, a little dust and who knows...maybe remnants from a river dip, it’s time to get clean. We know that by this point you’re tired so we keep this part easy and simple. 

To cleanse, we opt for the Oceanly Solid Face Cleanser with Peptides. We love that it’s vegan, rids the skin of dirt without leaving it dry, and that it comes in the stick format makes it easy to bring with us if we’re traveling.

Fresh and clean, there’s one thing standing between you, your skin, and your next adventure. Two things actually: a good nights sleep, and some great moisturizer. Before bed, we apply a rich and soothing layer of the S.O.S. Face Mask. Born from a dry winter weekend in Wyoming, this moisturizer was designed to give thirsty skin a good drink so that you’re ready for anything. Layer on some Lip Rescue Balm with it and you’ll be set for sweet dreams.

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