Playlist 02: mango pops & summer bops

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Two floaties sit in a large sunny swimming pool

To celebrate the first long weekend of the summer season, we asked our friend Olivia Rogine (@oliviarogine) to put together a feel-good playlist. Meet mango pops & summer bops:


Q&A with Olivia

We first met Olivia through the internet, aka Instagram and her work at Girls' Night In. A self-described community builder and "professional people person," Olivia is brilliant at building community—and, as it turns out, playlists! We loved her music reccs so much that we had to ask her to put together some tunes, just for us. Enjoy! 


What are you most looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend? Any outdoor adventures?

I'll be away at a cabin with friends for the long weekend - a reunion that's long overdue! We plan to spend lots of time outdoors, by the pool, being bad at tennis, and will have all of the Kinfield essentials on hand.


What were you inspired by when making this playlist?

Sunkissed shoulders, melted popsicles, and the smell of campfire. Those visceral feel-good summer vibes simply cannot be beaten. Think of this as your kick-off to the season ahead.


Where are you based?

I hail from New York's Hudson Valley and have lived in Washington, DC for the past six years.


For more, give Olivia a follow on Instagram @oliviarogine or on Spotify here.

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