S.O.S. Rescue Mask FAQs

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Rescue Mask Jars

Meet your new skin hero: the S.O.S. Rescue Mask. Here to save the day, no matter where your adventures have taken you (and your skin!).

This multi-purpose mask helps calm and “rescue” skin overnight after long days outside or in dry environments, and is formulated with ceramides, antioxidants, and a blend of avocado and meadowfoam seed oils to help nourish and re-hydrate even the thirstiest skin.

Below, we answer some of the most common questions we've received about our new mask. Have a question that's not on the list below? Send us an email to hello@kinfield.com and we'd be happy to help!

What's the best way to use Rescue Mask?

There's no limit to how you can use it! Some of our favorite ways to use Rescue Mask:

+ Hydrating overnight mask. Apply during your nightly skincare routine after (or instead of) your moisturizer). Made for daily use.

+ 10-minute treatment when your skin needs a quick boost of moisture. Slather on, wait 10-15 min, and use a warm damp cloth to gently wipe any excess. No need to rinse.

+ Rich daytime moisturizer. Apply a thin layer in the morning (or before a flight) for extra nourishment, or even use as a primer before applying makeup.

+ Spot treatment for any dry or irritated patches.

Is this safe for sensitive skin?

We formulated S.O.S. Rescue Mask to be extra soothing, even for the most sensitive of skin. We do always recommend patch testing in an inconspicuous area (like behind your ear, or on your forearm) when trying a new product to make sure it interacts well with your skin.

Is Rescue Mask gluten free?

Yes! Our formula is not known to contain any gluten—even our colloidal oatmeal and Vitamin E are gluten-free. If you are worried, we recommend testing in an inconspicuous area like behind your ear or on a small area of your forearm, but you shouldn't have any trouble.

Will this clog my pores?

S.O.S. Rescue Mask was made for all skin types, and safe for the most sensitive skin. It is non-comedogenic (aka won’t clog your pores!), and revives dehydrated, windswept, or sun-damaged skin.

Does Rescue Mask have any essential oils or anything that might irritate my skin?

While we love essential oils in certain settings, we decided to leave them out of this formula to make it as soothing as possible. Instead, we rely on other plant-based ingredients like ceramides from oat TKTKTK, gingko and chamomile extracts, glycerin, and a nourishing blend of meadowfoam seed oil and avocado oil, to give skin the boost of hydration it needs.

However, we always recommend doing a patch test in an inconspicuous area (like behind your ear, or on your forearm) when trying a new product to make sure it works with your unique skin.

Do I have to rinse it off after I use it?

Nope! If you slathered a thick layer on as a quick mask, you may want to use a warm cloth to gently remove any excess product, but there's no need to rinse with water. If you're wearing it as a daytime treatment or an overnight mask, simply massage in your desired amount and go!

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes! Simply peel off the label and re-use the jar, or recycle it curbside. If recycling, be sure to clean it out thoroughly so there is no product residue, and recycle the cap and glass jar separately. You can see more on how to recycle individual Kinfield items with our Recycling Guide!

When is the best time to use the Rescue Mask?

Anytime ! Try it when you:

— Forgot to re-apply your SPF (and have the burn to prove it)

— “Forgot” to drink those 64 ounces of water

— Spent all day on the slopes

— Can only pack one moisturizer

— Vacation in the desert (we see you, 0% humidity)

— Need to give your skin a hydrating pick-me-up

— Have a dry or irritated patch of skin that needs soothing

Is S.O.S. Rescue Mask vegan?

Like all Kinfield products, this mask is Made Safe for People + Planet and is proudly vegan, cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified, and formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances. S.O.S. Rescue Mask is also free from any essential oils.

Have more questions? Email us—we'd love to help! Send your questions to hello@kinfield.com.

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