Why We Say Outdoors-ish

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Sun setting on a desert scene with mountains in the background

From the earliest days of Kinfield, we've said "outdoorsy is yours to define."

We, along with our community (you!), are expanding the definition of outdoorsy—beyond the mountaineering summits, multi-week treks, and other extreme sports that "outdoorsy" has meant in the past, and into a more inclusive place.

Here, we believe in getting outdoors in whatever way that moves you.

Picnicking? We'll bring the sangria.

Sunset walks around the neighborhood? Fun!

Day hikes? Definitely.

We don't believe in gatekeeping—in telling someone that there's a right or a wrong way* to get outside, or that their version of getting out there isn't "outdoorsy enough." (What does that even mean?)

Instead, we want to celebrate the many wonderful ways of getting outdoors. Meet "Outdoors-ish" !

At Kinfield, we're making the joy of the outdoors accessible to all, inclusive of race, background, gender, ability, and skill. Whether you're a 5 A.M. hiker or a rosé-in-the-park enthusiast, whether you're outdoorsy or more Outdoors-ish—you're always invited to hike (or picnic, or stargaze) with us.

Let's hang.

*We don't believe in "right" and "wrong," except for when it comes to basic safety—always make sure that you're following local rules and guidelines, and practicing basic outdoor safety!

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