For the Woman Who is Always on the Go: Founder Picks with Sophie Kahn of AUrate

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For the woman who's always on the go.

Sophie Kahn, the co-founder of one of our favorite jewelry brands, Aurate, knows a thing or two about giving timeless gifts. We love her picks here for any woman who is always on the go (ring any bells?), and will be swooping a few of these for ourselves.

Read on for her picks:

Infinity Ring from AUrate

"Every woman needs a piece of statement jewelry to add that special "oomph" to an outfit – but when you're on the go, you'll also want it to pair beautifully with whatever you're wearing. With its bold size but subtle ridges, our bestselling Infinity Ring fits the bill."

Reagan Oversized Tie-Front Coat from Modern Citizen 

"Cozy yet sleek, this coat is so easy to throw on over whatever you're wearing, especially when you're in a rush to get out the door."

The Loafer Mule from Margaux

"Need something to wear around the house? Or while out running errands? Or while grabbing dinner with friends? These do it all."

Mouthwash bits from Bite

"Use these in the morning before leaving the house, and pop them in your bag to take them on-the-go so you'll always smell fresh... even when you have meetings back to back."

Sunglow from Kinfield

"It's 2021 and skin protection is more important than ever – you really cannot go wrong with sunscreen."

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