Kinfield's Guide to Safe-Sun

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kinfield sunglow spfKinfield's Guide to Safe-Sun
Humans are more like plants than we think—we need to soak up the sun, too! When we see a sunny day, we literally feel warmer and even happier. We're even able to gain Vitamin D from sun exposure, which is good for both our bodies and our brains.

Alas, we've all heard of the dangers that too much time in the sun can bring. So, how can we enjoy all of the benefits of our sun without facing the negative impacts? We put together our go-to guide for safe sun-soaking, so you can get outside and enjoy that big, beautiful star without any fear.

Never go a day without! Even in cloud cover (hint hint for our next product drop) the sun is able to impact your skin. Simply spending the day indoors near a window can do some damage. Opt for a reef-safe, mineral formulas to protect your precious skin, AND keep our lovely earth safe. We like keeping Daily Dew SPF 35 in our bag at all times, and use Sunglow SPF 30 on more special occasions when we're going for an extra glowy look :)

Don a Hat
Covering your face with an extra layer of shade from the brim of a hat can do wonders for the skin on your face. Less exposure means less dryness, less risk of sunburn, and even makes you less tired. We love keeping our OOO Hats near our door so we never forget to grab them on our way out!

An Unlikely Hero
Okay, drinking water doesn't protect you from getting a sunburn. BUT if you're out in the sun, you'll want to stay hydrated, right?? Right. Don't forget to fill up your Kinfield Water Bottle before you head out, and have a great (and safe) time outside!

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