The Summer Recap: Hiking in Rhode Island with Ambassador Meredith Ewenson

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The Summer Recap Series: From coast to coast, the Kinfield community made this summer one to remember. Across the country, our ambassadors hosted some meet ups that you showed up for big time! 

Meet Meredith Ewenson: Nature lover, people connector, and dog mom! In partnership with Gregory Mountain Products, we hosted a group hike in Rhode Island with Meredith and wow were you all stoked for it: registration was full (and had a waitlist) within an hour! Rhode Island, it’s safe to say you all are ready for more Outdoors-ish hang time together! We asked Meredith to share 


What is your favorite Outdoor-ish activity? 

I love it all: a mindful nature walk, a multi-day hiking adventure, or weekend outdoor adventures with my dog, Winnie.



We co-hosted a group hike in Rhode Island this summer – what was the highlight for you?!

My favorite part was how everyone showed up excited to make new friends. I loved seeing people swap instagram handles and phone numbers, making plans to grab lunch together after, and talking about the *next time* we all get together to go hiking again!



What an amazing and community-oriented group! What would you say makes you feel like you’re a part of a thriving community?

One of my favorite things is to share what I love with others! If I love something, I want you to feel that excitement too. I feel like I'm a part of a thriving community when I feel invited & welcome, when there's a palpable excited energy to the group, and when I instantly connect with others over like-minded thoughts and lifestyle.


What do you love about Kinfield? 


The clean ingredients! I had eczema & very sensitive skin most of my life so clean, natural ingredients (that are also good for the planet) are my number one priority with anything that goes on my skin. As someone who had skin cancer at a young age, sun protection with clean non-toxic ingredients is super important to me.


And we have to know: what are your go-to Kinfield products?

Sunglow SPF 35 because it doesn't irritate my skin or make it red, it actually makes my skin look BETTER. 

Liplock SPF 15 because we often overlook our lips when it comes to sun protection! It goes on so smooth, isn't white, & smells delish.

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