The Summer Recap: Amelia Schulte

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The Summer Recap Series: From coast to coast, the Kinfield community made this summer one to remember. Across the country, our ambassadors hosted some meet ups that you showed up for big time! 

Meet Amelia Schulte, a self-proclaimed oat milk latte snob, and a gal who truly embodies all things Outdoors-ish . We teamed up with Amelia to host a couple of Fun Sun Runs (say that 5 times fast!) in Austin this summer. The route? A 2-mile loop around Austin’s iconic Lady Bird Lake, ending at Alta’s for some coffee and chats. Amelia shared a few hot takes about these summer runs and all things community: 


We may be able to guess based on the events we hosted with you, but tell us – what is your favorite Outdoor-ish activity?

Running! And playing fetch with my dog!


We knew it! We know these runs attracted a really rad group of humans. From your perspective, what is the key to building a strong community?

I am a firm believer that when you chase your dreams and passions, things align in your life and you find your community. Trust the process! 


And what does community mean to you? 

Community means home away from home. It means support, encouragement & stability. 


We know that Texas sun is strong, especially in the summer. What are your go-to Kinfield products for sun protection, and what do you love about them?

Sunglow and Cloud Cover are my go-to’s.

I love that they absorb into the skin and lay well under make up! It has great protection too- as a fair skinned girlie that is very important to me. Plus, I love to support small businesses!

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