The Summer Recap: Seryna Acevedo

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The Summer Recap Series: From coast to coast, the Kinfield community made this summer one to remember. Across the country, our ambassadors hosted some meet ups that you showed up for big time! 

Meet Seryna Acevedo, a free spirited gal through and through. Even though she lives in Phoenix, her favorite Outdoors-ish activity is searching for seashells on the seashore. Yes, please! Seryna co-hosted a trail cleanup at Papago Park – one of the most scenic and easily accessible desert parks in the Phoenix area! We partnered with HoldOn Bags, and Keep Nature Wild for this event, and caught up with Seryna afterwards to make sure we captured the magic of this day and her Outdoors-sh lifestyle.

This was a pretty amazing trail cleanup day in Phoenix! Can you share more about it? 

This event will always hold a special place in my heart. I had the opportunity to host an Earth Month Clean Up Event with Kinfield and a ton of other great brands! We explored Papago Park with HoldOn Bags and cleaned our community trails, spotted some awesome wildlife, enjoyed snacks, played games, made new friends, and beat the summer sun as best we can! 


And what was your favorite moment from the day?

I would have to say one of my favorite moments was when we were all weighing our trash bags, heavy in competition, and one guy walked up with a keyboard and glass- everyone in that moment knew there was no longer a competition and a VERY clear winner!


How amazing that you could have such (friendly) competition with a new group of friends, for such a great purpose! These events always have the intention to build and gather community so we’re curious, does community mean to you? 

Community for me is a group of people that are along for the ride. They simply inspire and support each others journeys and wish the best for one another.



From your experience, what does it take to build a community? 

I truly believe that building a community requires vulnerability. Just like any relationship, people want to be understood and grow connections with those they can relate with. When you can find another person you feel no judgment from and are comfortable with to completely be yourself, that's something special. I'd like to believe that I'm one of those safe spaces for others. It absolutely warms my heart when I see a DM from another woman saying that they were inspired by me in some way.

I'm grateful to say that I am part of many thriving online communities: my own personal page, fitness, friends, pageants, etc. I have become super involved in the past year and I am loving all the great connections and friends that have come into my life. 



We know you have so much on the go and spend a lot of time outdoors! Can you share what you love about Kinfield products, and what some of your favorites are?

I love that Kinfield is reef safe and lightweight on my skin!

I am obsessed with the Sunglow SPF 35! I use it every morning before putting on my makeup to help protect my skin. It blends easily and is super lightweight.

And the Liplock SPF 15 Balm is also one of my go-to products. I just finished my mint one, and I'm excited to try the strawberry soon! I love this product because it doesn't feel super goopy and it leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated.

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