The Summer Recap: Renee Haerle

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The Summer Recap Series: From coast to coast, the Kinfield community made this summer one to remember. Across the country, our ambassadors hosted some meet ups that you showed up for big time! 

Meet Renee Haerle: Weekend adventurer, hot sauce connoisseur, and digital marketing gal. In Portland, Oregon, Renee hosted an epic trail restoration event in Portland’s beloved Forest Park – one of the largest urban parks in the United States! When it comes to conservation, we had a lot of like-minded and passionate brand partners for this event, including The Forest Park Conservancy, HoldOn Bags, Rumpl, Grüvi, and Barebones, that we got to team up with to make this day on the trails one to remember. 


What is your favorite Outdoor-ish activity?

I love a good tree-lined park picnic with friends, or hiking alongside a river so I can take a dip after! 


Earlier this year, we did some trail restoration together in Forest Park – tell us more about it!

For Earth Month it was such a joy to connect with one of my favorite Portland nonprofits, the Forest Park Conservancy, in efforts to restore some of Portland's favorite trails! I've never done trail restoration work before and I had a blast learning about native plant species and removing invasive ivy all while laughing and meeting new friends! 



It’s so great that you got to connect with new friends while also giving a little love to your favorite trails – a true community effort! What does that idea of community mean to you?  

Community is all about making a space for people to connect and share their passions! I love meeting up to do an activity with friends and learn more about new friends on the way! 


We had so much fun partnering with you for this event and now we have to know, what do you love about the Kinfield community? 

I love that the friends you make at these events can move beyond the event itself. We're so lucky to have tools like social media to stay in touch with community members! I recently got a recipe from someone I met at this event and it's so fun connecting on things related to the outdoors and beyond! 
The community that comes with this brand is one of a kind. A day with Kinfield is a day filled with sunshine, laughter and camaraderie! 


Now for the ultimate question – what are your go-to Kinfield products?

This is a tough one. I think I'm going to go with Daily Dew and the Golden Hour Wipes. I use Daily Dew, dare I say, daily – and it is my moisturizing SPF staple! Golden Hour wipes can be found in all my bags and have become my summer go-to when outdoors.

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