Sunglow SPF 30Product Image
Sunglow SPF 30Product Image
Sunglow SPF 30Product Image
Sunglow SPF 30Product Image
Sunglow SPF 30Product Image

Luminizing Sunscreen

Sunglow SPF 30


Make summer last forever with this first-of-its-kind luminizing face sunscreen. Lightweight, hydrating, and lightly tinted for a sunkissed look that's glowy (never glittery!), all year round.

Sunglow is 100% mineral and reef-safe, with a nourishing blend of antioxidants for healthy, happy skin that's perfectly primed for any adventure.

Size: 2.0 oz / 60 g

Also found in our Dew + Glow SPF Bundle (save $4!)
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What's In It

Hero Ingredients

  • Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba Oil


    Jojoba is a plant oil that mimics your skin's natural sebum and is a rich source of numerous fatty acids. Its lightweight texture and skin-soothing benefits make it a nourishing addition to any skincare routine.

  • Glycerin



    Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it's a moisturizing powerhouse. It deeply hydrates skin, while helping to reduce future moisture loss, and leaves behind a dewy finish.

  • Sunflower Seed Oil

    Sunflower Seed Oil


    A hydrating, non-comedogenic oil from one of our favorite flowers, sunflower seed oil is wonderfully nourishing. It also is a natural emollient, which means it hydrates and softens the skin while also helping to improve skin's barrier function!

  • Natural Minerals

    Natural Minerals


    Sunglow's flattering rosy-gold hue comes from our unique blend of natural, non-irritating minerals. We work with an ethical mine in Hartwell, GA (USA) to source mica and iron oxides for our particular glow tint.

  • Rosemary Extract

    Rosemary Extract


    Rosemary is a vitamin-rich antioxidant that helps to calm the skin, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive or inflamed skin.

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While they're both mineral face sunscreens that can be worn every day, there are some key differences: Daily Dew is an extra hydrating, untinted formula that is water-resistant—making it a great choice for sweaty days or sporty outings. Sunglow has a light, rosy gold glow tint for a luminous finish. It's slightly lighter and more gel-like than Daily Dew in terms of feel, and isn't water resistant, making it a great choice for less active days. You can wear them alone, or layer for extra protection—try using Sunglow as an highlighter on cheekbones and brow bones for an extra-summery finish.

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